The Buffalo Colony, Woodbourne, NY

Renters need to read the rules and procedures on this page, the house and pool rules, and then print out and sign the downloadable form stating that you understand these rules and will abide by them.

Rental fees are $50 if the rental/use is less than one week, or $100 for every week of the rental/use (i.e., two week rental = $200), payable to the “Buffalo Colony Corporation.”  No rental agreement or fee is required for immediate family of cooperators that are staying in their immediate family's unit.

Please submit the signed renter's agreement and fee to our Treasurer Francesco Brindisi, preferably via email and Zelle to Alternatively, you may mail a check made out to "Buffalo Colony Corporation" along with the signed agreement to Francesco Brindisi at 214 Sullivan Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11225.

1.   Introductions

    • Please introduce yourself to a member of the Board as soon as you can. Anyone will tell you who they are.

2.   Driving and Parking

    • The speed limit on the circle road is 5 m.p.h. Watch out for the many small children playing on or near the road.
    • From Memorial Day to Columbus Day, vehicles must be parked ONLY in one of our two parking areas — not on the circle road, not on the main road, and not next to the Casino building. Vehicles may be left for short periods of time in front of a house for the purposes of loading and unloading.
    • No parking on grass.
    • When not in use, children's bicycles and toys should be kept off the road.

3.   Dogs

    • Dogs must be kept on a leash on the immediate Buffalo Colony grounds.
    • Excrement must be picked up immediately and disposed of.
    • Dogs are not permitted in the pool area.

4.   Garbage

Cooperators and guests are responsible for handling their own garbage.

    • Put washed recyclables in the appropriate bins in the recycling sheds. (See recycling rules.) Bear in mind that the Buffalo Colony risks heavy fines if recycling is not done properly.
    • General garbage should be tied in large plastic bags and placed in the dumpster.
    • We do not handle bulk refuse (furniture, lumber, etc.) Please take back to the city or to the town dump in Monticello, or make a private arrangement with the caretaker.
    • Avoid littering, Please pick up after your children if you know they are littering.

5.   Swimming Pool

    • See swimming pool rules. Failure to abide by these rules may result in an individual's losing use of the swimming pool.

6.   Basketball and Volleyball Courts

    • Hours of use: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

7.   Casino

    • The casino is open to all to use. Clean up after use and remember to close the door and turn off the lights.